Community is our Energy.

We focus on connecting the graduates and undergraduate university freshers to the industrial experts. We have conducted more than three series of in-house training so that freshers can be taken together to meet industrial level of expertise. Our series of training sessions helps future entrepreneurs to make a dynamic move in exploring the new dimensions they may never be aware of.

In a wide and generic definition, “Philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.” We want to redefine the belief that philanthrophers are well off. Our approach is to share knowledge and create mindful new industry experts through knowledge sharing.

In the past year, we conducted three seminars based on mobile app development using the latest google flutter framework. Our target is to contribute our time so as to share our expertise to the aspiring business minds.

We conducted a month long training seminar at Apex college Mid Baneshwore regarding the cross platform compatible mobile app development from the scratch.
During the course of time we have visited more than 7 public schools in the district of Dhading. The schools

In other ways we have given several opportunities to the techy geeks to shape their knowledge in the form of internships. Their keen interest and support has brought us overwhelming confidence. Since then we have four new members in our family who were upgraded from interns to full time developers.

Tech For community brings us ahead of the crowd with the human side of technology. Our ‘Bottom to Top’ approach to technology transfer has become the most efficient way to gain knowledge and use the technology for simplifying daily tasks. In a broader sense we are creating the success stories of individuals from before and after tech-mix in their life.

We’re also trying to connect industrial experts to the remote rural geographies of Nepal. Our remote tele classes are soon going to be a contributing factor becoming the bridge between their poor education facility to modern world teachings.

If you want to know more about our future steps and want to join hands in our teaching Marathon do drop us your message.

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